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Varolii’s user conference, Interaction, is a week away. This is my third trip to Interaction, and I cannot tell you how excited I am to be heading to Las Vegas. Plus I needed an excuse to play the slots, and now I have one.

In addition to flirting with Lady Luck I fully intend to get ahold of every juicy morsel of information that is being presented this year. I am really looking forward to Closing the Loop — Varolii 360 and Let’s Make this Clear: The Power of Guided Speech to Transform the Customer Conversation. I’ve written a lot about the technology being used to change the customer’s call center experience and I can’t wait to share its magic with you in person.

Varolii Interaction 2012 is being held March 5th to 7th at Loews Lake Las Vegas.  The conference will be filled with valuable insight that can be used to facilitate better and more forward-thinking customer interaction management strategies.

Here are a few of the sessions that I can’t wait to attend:

  • Mobile Matters: Maximize Your SMS & Smartphone InvestmentMobility is becoming ubiquitous in the minds of consumers. If you are still viewing SMS and Smartphone as alternative technologies, you’re missing huge opportunities to connect with your customers.
  • Peak Performance: Better Insight, More Control. You asked for it. You got it. Varolii’s dynamic duo, Performance Insight and Performance Manager, give you the campaign controls and analytics you need to monitor, manage and evaluate your customer interactions more effectively and efficiently. Learn more about the powerful controls, monitoring and custom reporting that PI and PM offer to help you drive greater value from your interactions and use this knowledge to shape a profitable engagement strategy.
  • Engaging Today’s Mobile Customer – Integrating Text & Smartphone into your Customer Interactions. You know that contacting customers through their mobile devices is critical to the success of your communication strategies, but how do you start? Learn why reaching consumers on their mobile device is critical to improving your communication performance, the legal hurdles you’ll need to overcome, and step-by-step instructions on setting up an opt-in consent program for contacting customers on their mobile devices.

I have some last minute packing to do before jet setting to Vegas. I hope that you’ll be able to join us at Varolii Interaction 2012. You will walk away from the conference with a greater understanding of how to deliver a better customer experience within your call center interactions.

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Mary is Varolii's Call Center Industry Practice Manager. She helps customers define their enterprise multi channel communication strategies – and her area of expertise is within the call center. Mary has more than 17 years of contact center experience including managing inbound and outbound global operations across a variety of industries. Starting her career within call center operations like Xerox and FTD, Mary moved into the BPO Industry working for global companies such as iQor, and eventually became a call center industry consultant. Mary has helped companies across all industries develop and execute their call center strategies. Mary is widely published and is a sought after speaker for ICMI and Contact Center events. An avid social networker, you can find her on Linkedin and Twitter.

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