GE Develops Internet-based Smart Grid Customer Communications

Interactive communications within the utility industry have grown increasingly popular as energy and electric companies continue to introduce new smart grid technologies.

Recently, General Electric announced that it would combine its "smart" appliances with Nucleus, its Internet-based home energy management system, to spur consumer interest in the electric grid, reports CNET.

As part of this plan, the company is developing a line of appliances that will be able to connect to the online network and be controlled and adjusted via a smartphone or computer, writes the news source.

"It makes economic and environmental sense for the world to better utilize the power we already generate rather than create more capacity to meet our escalating peak-power needs," said GE Home Energy Management general manager Dave McCalpin in a statement. "If we can better manage when and how we use power, we can control the demand without compromising people's lifestyles."

GE also announced that by 2015 it will have developed technology that will allow homeowners to cut energy consumption to zero.

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